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The opener security combination of marble soda drink

The opener security combination of marble soda drink
Product ID: G21

A kind of marble soda drink cap with temper-proof design that looks like hypostyle annulet with several easy breaking columns. Each column from underneath the hypostyle is linked to the annulet. It sets several small plates between each column and handholds around the annulet.
This opener security combination may be capped into the top of the bottle easily and downward anchored by the plates. It can achieve the security function for the consumer to prevent other people wilfully open the bottle head. If the easy break points break, it can be told that the drink has been opened.
Moreover, the consumer picks the opener from the easy break point and reverse the bottle, then use the traditional way to open and drink the marble soda drink. After finishing the drink, the consumer can link handlholds with the suspenders. Then it can be used for a flask. Therefore, it constitutes a multi-purpose marble soda drink opener security combination.

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