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This opener security combination may be capped into the top of the bottle easily and downward anchored by the plates. It can achieve the security function for the consumer to prevent other people wilfully open the bottle head. If the easy break points break, it can be told that the drink has been opened.
Moreover, the consumer picks the opener from the easy break point and reverse the bottle, then use the traditional way to open and drink the marble soda drink. After finishing the drink, the consumer can link handlholds with the suspenders. Then it can be used for a flask. Therefore, it constitutes a multi-purpose marble soda drink opener security combination.

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Product-200632217610 <![CDATA[ 如何來 ? (交通路線)(2013/Apr/1 15:02:37)]]> http://www.ramune.com.tw/Product-20071015152657.html 觀光工廠如何到達 ?
廠址: 苗栗縣銅鑼鄉民生路11號
衛星定位座標(GPS):東經120∘47'41.10" 北緯24∘28'48.83"


苗栗衛星叫車服務  037-333566 
衛星叫 車到工廠起跳100元  
到火車站只要1公里== 火車站到本工廠 

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